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Leafy Group is a technology company that enables cannabis operators in providing legal access to cannabis for all. Our team of experts provides industry and distribution expertise and a suite of technology that provides online pre-order and delivery of cannabis products and fulfillment for cannabis brand operators. Leafy Group works directly with retailers, distributors and manufacturers to provide a technology-enabled distribution channel to help expand their businesses and brands. With our technology we empower businesses to reach consumers that want the convenience of online shopping but the service of a neighborhood store.

Life Cycle Transperncy
More than just your regular cannabis firm.


Cannabis industry requires transparency from seed to sale. At Leafy Group, with the use of our technology, we have lifted the fog around the entire supply chain process and are working with all the parties in providing clarity to consumers. Transparency means that there will be honesty, regulatory compliance and clarity during the entire life cycle of the products that consumers use.


With today's complex cannabis business environment and ever-evolving legal and regulatory requirements, new situations arise where making the right decision requires careful consideration of many factors. Therefore, our code of ethics is organized into three fundamental behaviors. It applies to all our people—regardless of their title or location—and every Leafy Group business entity: comply with laws, deliver for our clients, run our business responsibly.

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More than just your regular cannabis firm.
Long Term Growth
More than just your regular cannabis firm.


We apply a fiduciary mindset to ensure that everything we do, every day, is ultimately about delivering a better solution or outcome for our clients.


Our team of industry experts are poised to help propel the cannabis industry forward. Innovation in time of challenge has proven to help industries grow and our team is excited for every challenge that comes our way.


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